Classical Herbal Wellness
  • Innersense Wellness and Beauty offers a wide range of wellness treatments by our well-trained beauticians and therapists. Our beauticians review customers’ usage regularly and recommend suitable treatments to our customers. We also customize specific treatments according to the needs of our VIP customers. Our senior management closely monitors the latest trends of the wellness and beauty industry and acquires the latest technology for the wellness of our clients.
  • Stiff  Shoulder Wellness
    • Remove cold wind from the body system, improve neck &shoulder strains, cervical spondylosis, dizziness ,headaches ,insomnia ,poor blood circulation to limbs ,arthritis joint infection ,increases mobility.   (Suggest Followed By Migraine Wellness Treatment)
  • Migraine Wellness
    • Release all tight meridian around the head area to reduces the dizziness ,headaches anxious ,improve sleep quality, build up the viscera with heart system connection.  (Suggest Followed By Stiff  Shoulder  Wellness Treatment)
  • Spleen Wellness
    • Remove excess cold wind and moisture ,enhance spleen ,kidney&liver function ,improve constipation ,diarrhea, bad breath ,muscle atrophy ,balance uneven skin tone, ance etc.  (Suggest Followed By Kidney Wellness Treatment)
  • Kidney Wellness
    • Remove excess cold wind ,enhance stomach and kidney functions ,anti-aging .improve the insomnia, backaches, nocturnal enuresis, hair dopecia ,frigophobia and other concerns. (Suggest Followed By Spleen Wellness Treatment)
  • Ovaries &Uterus Wellness
    • Warm up the body temperature ,improved dysmenorrhea ,irregular menstruation ,blood clots ,gynecological inflammation ,backache &pains ,poor circulation ,prevent fibroid cysts. (Suggest Followed By Hip Wellness Treatment)
  • HIP Wellness
    • Warm up the body temperature, improve dysmenorrhea ,irregular menstruation ,blood clots ,gynecological inflammation ,backache &pains ,dark patches ,cold ,lower extremity circulation ,prevent fibroid cysts ,varicose veins ,sciatica. (Suggest Followed By Ovaries&Uterus Wellness Treatment )
  • Liver &Gallbladders Wellness
    • Detoxify liver&gallbladders, regulate emotions ,enhance hepatobiliary functions ,build up the systems of spleen ,stomach to improve&prevent fatty liver ,chronic hepatitis, bloating ,indigestion ,sagging skin ,muscle atrophy.  (Suggest Followed By Breast Wellness Treatment )
  • Breast Wellness
    • Regulating the circulation of Qi, relief the breast pain &swelling ,mammary gland blockages ,mastitis ,breast hyperplasia ,inhibit accumulation of toxins caused by liver stagnation ,bloody, menstrual disorders ,menopause. (Suggest Followed By Liver &Gallbladders Wellness or Ovaries &Uterus Wellness Treatment)
  • Meridian Wellness
    • Clear the meridians ,detoxification ,reduce swelling and remove excessive cold wind.prevent loss of body shape and fats accumulation. (Suggest Followed By Lymphatic Drainage Wellness Treatment)
  • Lymphatic Drainage Wellness
    • Lymphatic drainage ,increase blood circulation ,detoxification ,human immunity ,eliminate edema ,constipation&enhance memory. (Suggest Followed By Meridian Wellness Treatment)