Herbal Spa
Weight Loss  Detoxification Strengthen your immune system.

  • Our Spa  treatments provide a form of escapism and offer and immersive opportunity for our customers to experience pampering styles and grooming techniques inspired by the luxurious living in the 21st century.   Furthermore, by injecting the traditional Chinese medicine wisdom and concept into the treatments, we emphasize the concept of managing sub-health to restore overall wellness.
    • Meridian Wellness Herbal SpaImprove Rheumatism joint pain, muscle strain, moisture, numbness, skin allergies.
    • Detoxification Herbal SpaDetoxification ,reduce the body beauty, weight loss.
    • Feminine Care Herbal SpaPostpartum baths ,nourish the body QI,infertility ,weakness ,irregular menstruation.
    • Breast Wellness Herbal SpaBreast hyperplasia ,cyst ,block ,fibroma.
    • Nourishing Wellness Herbal SpaImprove insomnia, reduced stress &tension vigor
    • Kidney Wellness Herbal Sparecuperating the lumbar muscle strain, low back pain, lumbar pain, weakness, limbs weakness.
    • Recuperating Liver Herbal SpaClear of the liver toxic, reduced the QI stagnation, enhance immunity.
    • Male Genital Care Herbal SpaNourishing the kidney, decreased libido, prostatitis, weakness of urinary.
    • Gastric Detoxification Herbal SpaRecuperating the indigestion, constipation, bloating.
    • Subhealth Wellness Herbal SpaReduced the high blood pressure ,high blood sugar, cholesterol.