TCM Massage


TCM Massage

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Key Benefits of TCM Massage:

  • Improvement of insomnia

helps someone relax, and get a good night sleep at night

  • Alleviation of headache

eases the tension and stress in the body and the mind. Also, one can get a headache from the energy being stuck in the head, causing an imbalance, and a dis-ease. This formulates a headache. The beauty of TCM massage is that it circulates this energy. Helping the client find relief from their problems.

  • Pain in the Joints or Muscles

helps to soften the fascia in the body, helping to reduce pain in the areas in the joints or muscles. There are the connective tissues among muscle, skin and organs. When it is tense and hard, it causes pain and discomfort. Therefore, softening the connective tissue using TCM massage is a great way to get some pain relief.



TMC Massage is widely used since ancient China with more than 2000 history. The techniques are simple and relatively easy to manipulate. It can be used on its own, but usually in union with other treatment methods.

TCM Massage is intended to be both relaxing and refreshing.  Meanwhile, it also promotes Qi and blood flow, helps remove blocks in the meridians and relieves stagnation. Various forms of pressure are applied depending on the aim.  It can be used to reduce or achieve a relative neutral, calming effect.

Massage is given on the particular areas, the acupoints or along the meridians so that qi movement can be stimulated to rebalance the internal environment.


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